Moving house boxes 15 large new

Product specifications:

  • 600mm long by 350mm wide by 340mm high
  • New double-walled cardboard
  • Pack of 15 large box
  • Q.C passed



• Please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


15 new large boxes video attached to see the spec of the product

1. What are moving house boxes?

Our moving house boxes are a pack of 15 new large cardboard boxes.
These boxes are made from an extremely tough double-walled corrugated cardboard. Being double walled, these boxes are far better quality than single walled boxes. They are far superior in strength.

These cardboard boxes are large and so are able to withhold many of your belongings.


2. What is this product used for?

These moving house boxes are designed to make your moving experience far easier. They are a vital piece of equipment for anyone moving house or office or for anyone moving into a storage facility.
When moving it is advisable to use one size of the box such as this pack of 15. This means you can stack and arrange the boxes with greater comfort. This will allow you to get the maximum out of the height of your transport vehicle. When entering storage, you may need a smaller unit if your boxes can be stacked neater and tidier.

3. Appearance & Dimensions


Our moving house boxes are a light brown colour. This means you can write on the boxes and not have to worry about the visibility of your writing.
Our large boxes are 600mm in length by 350mm in width by 340mm in height.

4.How do I assemble my product?


Once you receive your moving house boxes you will need to assemble them.
Firstly, unfold all 15 of your boxes. Next, you will need some tape. You can use brown vinyl or fragile tape. It is advisable to use fragile tape on those boxes you would like handled with extra precaution.

We would also recommend using your tape with a tape dispenser. This would be the safest and most efficient way to use your tape. It means you do not need any knives or scissors. It also avoids any possible damage associated with ripping tape using your teeth.
Fold-down the bottom panels of your box. Use your tape to seal the bottom of the box. The more tape you use, the stronger moving house boxes bottoms will be. Now you can proceed to use your boxes.

Once you are satisfied with the contents of the box, fold down the top panels. Just like previous, use your tape to seal the top of the boxes.

5.Delivery Information

Once you order your moving house boxes, they will be delivered within 2-3 working days(Monday to Friday).

The boxes are sent to you flat packed and wrapped in plastic pallet wrap. We wrap our products to ensure their safety when on their way to you.
We want to provide all of our customers with the highest quality products that we can. We pride ourselves in our high-quality standards.
Our large boxes weigh less than 1kg individually.

6.Additional Information

Here at Movers and Makers, we value quality. We strive to provide high-quality products. Because of this, we ensure that all of our products are Q.C passed by our team.
We have extensive experience in the removals industry and like to provide our customers with as much information that could aid them in their move.

When using large boxes, a useful tip is to place your lighter items into them. When using your smaller boxes, consider placing your heavier items into them. This will make it far easier to lift your boxes and move them into their correct places.