15  Large Cardboard boxes for sale (Once used recycled boxes)


15 Large once used Cardboard Boxes



Large cardboard boxes




Our cardboard boxes for sale are constructed from double walled cardboard. As a result, they are durable, reliable and resilient. The double walled cardboard is far stronger than any single walled box. This allows our boxes to be stacked higher with greater weight inside compared to single walled cardboard boxes for sale.

Our boxes are once used. This means they have been used by a previous owner at one stage. We believe that by reusing these cardboard boxes for sale, we are giving them a new purpose in life. With growing concerns about our environment, we believe that by reusing these cardboard boxes for sale, we can reduce the amount of waste in the world by reusing these high quality boxes.

Our boxes have been Q.C tested and approved and as a result, we can ensure our customers receive a product of a high quality standard. As our boxes are once used it allows us to provide them at a cheaper rate than brand new boxes. This means there is less of a strain on our customers pockets.

Our boxes are large and come in a pack of 15. This allows great comfort when packing your belongings, as space is now not an issue. Each individual box is 580mm in Length, 390mm in Width and 240mm in Height. These boxes are a dark brown colour as can be easily recognised.

Assembling our cardboard boxes for sale is a simple process and will only take you a few seconds. In order to assemble the bottom of the box, fold down the four panels until flat. Using a tape dispenser, cover the edge of the panels in a layer of either brown vinyl or fragile tape. This ensures the bottom f the box stays secured. Once your box is filled, fold down the panels on the top of the box. Seal the box with more tape.

Our boxes are excellent for anybody who is moving house, apartment or office. They are also ideal for anybody planning on using a storage facility. Consider writing down the room in which the boxes contents are from. This will allow your moving experience to be far more efficient and stress free.

Another useful tip is to place lighter items into the larger boxes and heavier items into smaller boxes. This will make them easier to transport. It is far more efficient to focus on using one or two sized boxes when moving. This means the boxes can be stacked easier, higher and faster. This allows you to get the full benefit out of the height of the transport vehicle or storage unit for example.