Self Storage Ireland

Movers and Makers are renowned for their self storage facilities which are essential when you are between your house or office move. We are well established with over 10 years of experience in the storage industry. With storage units ranging in size, price and time lengths you will always find a storage facility to suit your needs. Whether you are moving house, renovating your home or just in need of more space we have personal storage facilities to cater for any amount of items. This is a 24-hour service operating 7 days a week resulting in full access for all clients.

Secure self storage units

We also cater for the professional sector and provide storage units which are affordable and easy to access for your business requirements. We provide the safest, driest, most secure storage facilities in a space that you need in a location that will suit you. We guarantee 100% security and care of all items which are in our self storage units. All items undergo a check-in procedure whereby each item is recorded, wrapped, covered and packed tightly into the storage space so to ensure the utmost protection and economy in space. We offer open-end contracts whereby you decide how long you want the storage space. You are not obliged to sign to have your belongings in storage for a set time period that you do not need. Our philosophy is that at any time or at any stage you can access and take your belongings with little notice.

Size Estimator

What can you fit in our 20 sq ft unit?

  • 40 medium boxes
  • Small van load
  • Contents of a small garden shed

20 sq ft container space

What can you fit in our 35 sq ft unit?

  • Approx 80 medium boxes
  • Contents of a studio flat
  • Contents of a Transit van

35 sq ft container space

What can you fit in our 50 sq ft unit?

  • Approv 100 medium boxes
  • Two van loads
  • Contents of a one bedroom flat

50 square ft

What can you fit in our 70 sq ft unit?

  • Approx 150 medium boxes
  • 2 to 3 van loads
  • Contents of a two bedroom apartment

70 sq ft container space

What can you fit in our 100 sq ft unit?

  • Approx 200 medium boxes
  • 4  van loads
  • Contents of a three bedroom house

100 sq ft

Personal payment plan

We provide each storage client with their own personal payment plan which best suits their needs so to ensure there is no pressure on any of our clients. Our mission is to make sure each client is happy and is 100% confident knowing their items are safe and secure in our self storage facilities. If you want the best then give us a call on 086 164 3428 at Movers and Makers and we will give you your storage space.


In terms of being insured we would recommend that you move your existing insurance policy to our depot. If you have any questions on this please feel free to get in touch.

Storage Unit Prices

32 Sq ft – €25 / week
64 Sq ft – €40 / week
100 Sq ft – €60 / week

Call 086 164 3428 to get a quote for larger storage units