Wardrobe Moving Boxes x 3 (Rails included)

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• Wardrobe Moving Boxes x 3 (Rails included): perfect for transporting clothes during a move.
• Durable Garment Hanger Pack: keep your clothes in perfect condition while in transit.
• Clothes hanging box: allowing you to hang and protect your clothes easily.
• Fast delivery


Wardrobe moving box

Product Specifications:
Height – 40 inches Width – 20 inches Depth – 18 inches (40 in x 20 in x 18 in) The steel rail is 20 inches.

1.What are our Wardrobe Moving Boxes?
Our Wardrobe Moving Boxes are cardboard boxes used for moving. These boxes allow you to hang up you clothes while they are being transported and ensure they are easily accessed when you arrive at your new home.

These boxes have been designed to make your moving experience far easier and stress free. They are an essential piece of equipment for anyone moving house, apartment or when putting your belongings into a storage facility.

These boxes are constructed from a double walled corrugated cardboard. Because the boxes are made from a double walled cardboard, they are very resilient, versatile and durable.

The boxes can withstand great pressure and force. They can be easily stacked and moved around. Although durable, these Wardrobe Moving Boxes are extremely light and functional.

When moving it can be difficult to locate clothes once you have arrived at your new location. These Wardrobe Moving Boxes resolve that issue by ensuring your clothes are safe and accessible. These boxes also take away the monotonous process of folding clothes to pack away.

These boxes are a piece of equipment many people look past and do not realise exist. However, these boxes can save you time and money. It now will take you less time to pack away your clothes and means you won’t need to purchase as many normal boxes.

These Wardrobe Moving Boxes come in a pack of 3 to ensure you have ample space for your clothes. This ensure you have enough space and will need to do as little folding as possible.

2.What do our Wardrobe Moving Boxes look like?
When you receive your Wardrobe Moving Boxes they are flat packed. You will need to assemble the boxes.

We send out our boxes wrapped in pallet wrap. We do this to ensure no harm comes their way while being transported to you. We strive to ensure your product is of the same high quality standard as when it leaves our warehouse.

We seal your package with fragile tape to ensure our couriers take that little bit of extra care with your product.

Our Wardrobe Moving Boxes are a light brown colour. The metal rail for hanging your clothes is a metallic silver colour and is extremely strong.
These boxes are taller than your average box. This is to accommodate for the length of your clothes.

3.How do I use my Wardrobe Moving Boxes?
Using your pack of 3 Wardrobe Moving Boxes is a painless process.

First of all, you will need to fold out your boxes. They arrive to your door flat packed. Simply unfold the boxes and fold down the panels on either side of the box.
Using either brown vinyl or fragile tape, accompanied by a tape dispenser, cover the panels. This will ensure they stay together and can be easily stacked.

Place the metal railing into the two slots inside the box. Once the railing is secured you can freely hang your items of clothing up and ensure their safety.

4.Addtional information about our Wardrobe Moving Boxes.
A useful tip to ensure efficient use of your Wardrobe Moving Boxes is to use a permanent marker to write down who’s clothes are hanging in the box. This way, when you reach your destination you can easily identify where your own clothes are. This can save you precious time that can be spent unpacking the rest of your belongings to ensure you get settled as soon as possible.

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about the quality of the products our clients receive. As a result, all of our cardboard boxes ( including our pack of 3 Wardrobe Moving Boxes) have been Q.C passed.

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21 reviews for Wardrobe Moving Boxes x 3 (Rails included)

  1. Wendy Harte

  2. Mike Thompson

    good product, quick delivery, excellent customer service
    would recommend++

  3. Anonymous

  4. Theresa McGauran

  5. Savio Devasia

    Very easy to assemble and of good quality

  6. Tina

    Great product. Can fit lots and easy to move about.

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble. So far so good. Durability still to be determined.

  8. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble. So far so good. Durability still to be determined.

  9. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble. So far so good. Durability still to be determined.

  10. Michael F.

    as above; all part of the same order. The boxes are the bit that got lost and were replaced.

  11. Anne McNulty

    Have not tried these yet but look good.

  12. Rod P.

    Very good customer service

  13. Johny B.

    Very handy.

  14. Bernadette B.

    Very handy when moving clothes and you don’t want to fold them and put in your luggage anymore. It could hold around 15-20 clothes (jackets, sweaters, dresses).

  15. Anonymous

    Love this product. Easy to assemble and to move when full. ‘A life saver!’!

  16. Linda Reid

  17. Towey J.

    I have not unpacked these yet but looking forward to doing so in next few weeks.

  18. Rita B.

  19. Anonymous

    These are an answer to my concern about hanging my clothes.

  20. Margaret Elam (verified owner)

    Very useful for keeping clothes on their hangers and transporting them

  21. Ann McGuinness (verified owner)

    Sturdy, easily assembled, ideal for storing clothes temporarily.

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