Wardrobe Moving Box x1

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– Wardrobe moving box x1: This hanging garment carrier allows you to move your clothes with ease and keep them organised during the relocation of your home.
– Strong and durable: This wardrobe box is made from strong cardboard and is designed to protect your clothes from dust and dirt.
– Easy to store: It is lightweight and folds flat for storage when not in use.
– Hang your clothes inside: The box features a metal bar on the inside so you can hang your garments and prevent them from creasing or wrinkling.

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Wardrobe box

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1.What is our wardrobe cardboard box?
Our cardboard wardrobe box is a cardboard box used to help you move. These boxes allow you to hang up your clothes while they are in transit and allow you to have easy access to the when you arrive at your new home.

These boxes are designed to make your move easier and to take pressure off you. These cardboard wardrobe boxes are essential for anyone moving house or for anyone moving belongings into storage.

These boxes are made from a double walled corrugated cardboard. Because of this the boxes are extremely durable and tough. They can be reused on multiple occasions.

These wardrobe boxes can withstand great pressure and force. These boxes can be used to stack on top of other boxes and are very light and strong.

2.What is our wardrobe cardboard box used for?
When you arrive at your new location, it can be very difficult to find where your clothes are amongst all your boxes. The cardboard wardrobe box resolves this problem by ensuring your clothes are safe and easily accessible. These boxes also mean you do not have to fold all your clothes to be packed away, saving you time and energy.

Cardboard wardrobe boxes are often overlooked by many people while others simply do not realise, they exist. These boxes are an essential piece of moving equipment for everyone as they save you packing away every item of clothing you own.

3.What does your wardrobe cardboard box look like and what size is it?
When you receive your cardboard wardrobe boxes they are flat packed and covered in black plastic.

We send all our boxes to our customers wrapped in a layer of black pallet wrap. We do this to ensure no harm comes their way while being transported to you. We strive to provide you with the highest standard of quality possible.

We also place fragile tape on your package to ensure our couriers take some extra care while moving your parcel.

Our wardrobe boxes are a light brown colour. The metal rail for hanging your clothes silver in colour and is extremely strong.

Our wardrobe box is 40 inches in height by 20 inches in width by 18 inches in depth. The steel rail is 20 inches.

4.How do I use my wardrobe cardboard box?

Assembling your wardrobe boxes is a simple process.

Simply unfold your boxes so they are not flat packed. Fold down the panels on either side of the box.
Using either brown vinyl or fragile tape, with a tape dispenser, cover the panels. This will ensure they stay together and can be easily stacked. To add strength to the bottom of your wardrobe box, add more tape.

Place the metal railing into the two slots inside the box. Once the railing is secured you can freely hang your items of clothing up and ensure their safety.

5. Additional information about our wardrobe cardboard box

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about our customers and their satisfaction with our products. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we can. Because of this we can assure you that all our products have been Q.C. passed by our dedicated team.

6.Environmental Concerns

With growing concerns about our environment, we have decided to take the necessary precautions to ensure that all our products are 100% recyclable. This way we can be sure that our products can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

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8 reviews for Wardrobe Moving Box x1

  1. Deirdre Keane

    Strong & sturdy and holds loads!

  2. Deirdre Keane

    Prompt delivery & very good quality box

  3. Emma Williams

    Excellent quality and plenty for what I needed

  4. Emma Williams

    Excellent quality and plenty for what I needed

  5. Emma Williams

    Excellent quality and plenty for what I needed

  6. Anne H.

    Love this, very handy, simple, clever design, highly recommend

  7. Anne H.

    Love this, very handy, simple, clever design, highly recommend

  8. Anne H.

    Love this, very handy, simple, clever design, highly recommend

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