Super King Mattress Cover


– Super king reusable mattress cover provides optimal mattress protection during transit or storage.
– Made with durable fabric and double stitched seams for extra durability.
– Perfectly designed to fit your Super King mattress size and provides protection against dirt, dust, spills, and pests.
– Quick and easy installation with no tools required.
– Fast delivery to your door.

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Super king mattress cover

Our blue reusable super king mattress cover allows you to fully protect a mattress when moving, delivering, or storing. It allows for a safe and secure transit of a mattress. 6ft wide
Introducing the Super King Size Reusable Protective Mattress Cover, your ideal ally for safeguarding your mattress during transit or storage. With its remarkable design, this high-quality cover is perfect for removal companies, homeowners, and anyone who values the longevity and cleanliness of their mattress.

This protective super king mattress cover is precisely engineered to accommodate Super King Size mattresses. The cover ensures a secure fit, offering comprehensive protection against the many hazards that could affect your mattress during a move or while in storage.

Constructed from sturdy, top-tier materials, this cover has been designed to withstand the rigours of moving and long-term storage. It’s not merely a cover, but a safeguard, shielding your mattress from dust, dirt, potential physical damage, and even unwelcome pests. The cover’s tear-resistant and puncture-proof fabric adds an extra layer of assurance, providing robust defense against sharp corners or accidental snags during transit. Everything you need from a super king mattress cover!

One of the defining features of our Super King Size Reusable Protective Mattress Cover is its reusability. This eco-friendly design allows for repeated use without compromising on quality or effectiveness. It’s not a one-and-done product; rather, it’s an investment that continues to give back, making it a firm favorite among removal companies. Simply follow the care instructions included to clean and reuse the cover, saving both costs and the environment.

Our mattress cover boasts an easy-to-use design with a wide opening and secure closure system. This feature allows for effortless encasing of your mattress and ensures it remains snugly enveloped during the move or storage period. This practical design has made it a go-to for removal companies, who value its dependability and ease of use.

Further enhancing its protective qualities, our cover has been created with water-resistant properties. No matter the weather conditions or potential spill hazards during transit or storage, you can rest assured knowing your mattress will remain dry and stain-free.

Our Super King Mattress Cover is an essential accessory for anyone planning a move or intending to store a mattress. It offers robust protection, is reusable, and straightforward to use. It’s not just a Super King mattress cover; it’s peace of mind, ensuring that your mattress stays in optimum condition, whether in transit or storage.

Invest in our Super King Size Reusable Protective Mattress Cover today to ensure a safe journey for your mattress, whether you’re moving homes, managing removals, or safely storing for future use. We’ve built this cover to offer the ultimate in mattress protection, providing you with one less thing to worry about in your logistics. Trust our cover to give your mattress the protective care it deserves. Buy our super king mattress cover today!

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