Plastic Mattress Cover Super King (6ft)

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-Protective cover for super king size mattresses
-Durable & strong
-Fast delivery


plastic mattress cover

Product Specifications:

Product: Plastic Mattress Cover Bag Super King (6ft)

  • Width: 160cm (63″) – extends to 208.2cm (82″) with gusset wide
  • Depth: 48cm (19″) deep
  • Length: 248.9cm (98″) long

1.What is our Super-king plastic mattress cover?

Our Super king mattress cover is a plastic cover created to keep your super king mattress protected. Our cover is made from a trade quality 200-gauge polyethene plastic. Because of this trade quality plastic, our cover is extremely durable. This cover is made to fit any standard super king-sized mattress. It is a very important piece of moving equipment; many people forget about. It is excellent for anyone moving house or apartment, moving into a storage unit and for anyone doing painting at home. You could paint with ease knowing you will not accidentally hit your mattress and stain it.

2.What is it used for?

Our Super king plastic mattress cover is used to protect your super king-sized mattress and is made to keep it safe from harm. When moving home or into storage, it is easy for a mattress to be exposed to many things such as insects, water, dust, etc. This cover is designed to stop those things from being able to touch your Super king mattress.

3.What size is it?

When you receive your Super king mattress cover, it will arrive at your door wrapped in a grey plastic bag. Here at Movers and Makers, we fold our furniture and mattress covers and seal them in plastic. We then label them with the corresponding furniture or mattress name. We do this to make sure they are not damaged while they are being delivered to you. The cover, when unfolded and out of the bag, is 248.9cm (98″) in length by 160cm (63″) – extends to 208.2cm (82″) with a gusset in width by 48cm (19″) in depth. It is designed to cover all standard super king mattresses. All our covers are made from polyethene plastic and so are clear in colour.

4.How do I use my Super-king plastic mattress cover?

In order to use your Super king mattress cover, you will need to acquire some tape. In order to get the most efficient and safest use out of your tape, consider using a tape dispenser. By using a tape dispenser, you will not need any sharp objects such as knives and scissors, which is important especially if there are children present. In order to apply the cover, simply open it and remove it from the grey bag. Slip it over your mattress until completely covered in plastic. Fold-down the extra plastic and secure it with some tape. Ensure the opening of the cover is taped fully so there is no part of your mattress exposed to the outside. The layer of polythene will stop anything touching your mattress directly.

5.Environmental Concerns

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about the world we live in. With growing concerns about our environment, we have ensured that all our products, including our Super king mattress cover, are 100% recyclable. This means we can help keep waste levels low by disposing of our products in an environmentally responsible way. Get your plastic mattress cover now!

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41 reviews for Plastic Mattress Cover Super King (6ft)

  1. John B.

  2. Damien

    Great price and quick delivery

  3. Theresa McGauran

  4. Anonymous

  5. Fiona

    Fast delivery i have yet to
    Use this item

  6. Fiona

    Fast delivery i have yet to
    Use this item

  7. Fiona

    Fast delivery i have yet to
    Use this item

  8. Michael Whelan

  9. Tina

    Haven’t used yet but came as expected and looks perfect

  10. Anne

    Great quality

  11. Barbara


  13. Aileen

  14. Mary F.

    Perfect size..Easy to apply

  15. Tom O’Mahony

  16. Tomas P.

  17. Ivo

  18. Geraldine


  19. Imelda Reilly


  20. Imelda Reilly


  21. Imelda Reilly


  22. Vilia Parera

  23. Gerard O Callaghan


  24. Gerard O Callaghan


  25. Gerard O Callaghan


  26. Anonymous

    Arrived on time and in good condition. Exactly what I needed. I am using a super king on a normal size mattress for ease of taking on and off.

  27. Geraldine McMahon

  28. David Ryan

  29. anna k.

    Excellent product for protecting mattress during our move! Highly recommend

  30. Louise Nolan

  31. Teresa Fagan

  32. Anonymous

  33. Carolyn

  34. Anonymous

  35. Anonymous

  36. Aimee

  37. Andrew Corby

  38. Paul N. (verified owner)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted (although I used on a queen sized mattress so can’t guarantee it would fit a super king). Very fast delivery also – just a couple of days.

  40. Helen (verified owner)

  41. Caroline (verified owner)

    Got it larger than needed due to deep mattress. Working well

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