Packing Tape Dispenser with 2 tape



Packing Tape Dispenser – 2 rolls of brown tape
Here at Movers and Makers, we have been a leading company in house and office removals in Ireland. We have provided pre-packing services and witnessed the issues that our clients experience. The main problem that we could identify lies in the physical packing of boxes. Many people find packing boxes to be time-consuming and frustrating. We try to provide people with suitable materials to make packing as straightforward as possible. The main tools you will need is good vinyl tape and a robust packing tape dispenser.

This packing tape dispenser is very durable, and you can use it anytime you have boxes to seal. We also provide two rolls of brown vinyl tape with this dispenser.

Using a packing tape dispenser with brown tape is a simple process and can save you a lot of time. Place your tape on the packing tape gun’s circular wheel and feed the tape through the metal clip and black roller.

Place the tape onto a cardboard box. By using the handle of the packing tape dispenser, pull the tape across the box. The more tape you put across the box, the stronger it will be, meaning it can carry more weight.

By using a packing tape dispenser and plenty of brown tape, you can make your boxes very stackable. To get value for your money when using a removal vehicle, ensure your boxes can be stacked easily using tape to hold them together. When moving into a storage facility, your boxes must be well packed. By your boxes being well closed, you can save money and avoid needing an unnecessarily large storage unit.

Using a packing tape dispenser with brown tape, you can save time, effort and get value out of your removal vehicle or storage unit.

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