Moving House Organising Tape Pack of 6

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Organising tape

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Vinyl based tape
  • Length: 66 meters per roll of tape
  • Width: 48 mm

Delivery: Please allow 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday)

1.What is organising tape?
Our moving house organising tape is a vinyl tape designed to make your moving experience less stressful and run smoother. The tape is designed to give you more comfort when moving house. The tape has a grid of 16 boxes. Each box contains the name of a room within your house. Next to the grid is a box labelled “contents:”. This box should be used to write a brief summary of the items you have in the box. Our tape is made with an extremely durable and resilient adhesive. This is to ensure your box remains sealed and the contents remain unharmed.

2.What is organising tape used for?
Our moving house organising tape is used to make your boxes easier to organise once you are in your new house or when you move items back from a storage facility. This tape allows you to easily identify the contents of your box, along with the room in which they belong. Our tape will seal your box tightly and securely while also saving you the hassle of writing all over your boxes in permanent marker. This tape will make your boxes far neater and organized.

3.What what size is it?
Our moving house organising tape is 66 metres in length per roll. The tape is 48 mm in width. As a result, you can get great use out of a single roll. Our tape is white in colour with our Movers and Makers logo printed onto it along with our number and email. Our tape contains a printed grid of 16 boxes. Each box contains the name of a room in your house.

4.How do I use Organising Tape?
In order to use your moving house organising tape, simply follow these simple steps. Once you have your box full of your items, fold down the top of it and seal it with our tape. Ensure to spread the tape evenly and straight, this will make it easier to write on. All you must do is circle the room in which the boxes contents belong. This will allow your mover to put all your boxes in the correct rooms at your new location. This will take the pressure off you as you can easily access your items, where you need them to be. In the box labelled “contents”, you can write a brief summary of the items within the box. This will make it easy for you to see at a glance what exactly is in the box. To get the most efficient use out of your tape, consider using a tape dispenser. A tape dispenser is the safest way to seal your boxes as it means you no longer need to have scissors or sharp knives lying around. It also stops you from using, and possibly damaging your teeth.

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