brown packing tape

48mm x 66m brown packing tape
One of the most important pieces of equipment that is essential when moving to a new house, office or apartment is brown vinyl tape. You need tape to assemble your cardboard boxes. If you do not use tape on your boxes, they will not have any strength in them and will likely break and damage your personal possessions.

Our brown vinyl tape is very strong and has an excellent adhesive layer to stick to your boxes. This tape will allow you to move your boxes far more efficiently.

Using a tape dispenser with brown tape will allow you to use it most efficiently. The more weight you put into the box, the more tape you should use to strengthen the bottom of it.

Simply fold down the bottom four panels of your box and use our brown packing tape to seal the box.

Here at Movers and Makers, we have extensive experience in the removals industry and provide our clients with moving tips to make it easier for them. One of the most important tips that we offer is how to get the most out of your removal vehicle. The way to use the space in the vehicle effectively is to have your boxes fully squared off. By using brown tape, you can seal the top of your box down firmly to ensure it can be stacked easily and high.