Black Machine Pallet Wrap


• Black machine pallet wrap, perfect for protecting furniture and other items.
• 6 rolls of stretch film wrap, for securely and tightly enveloping pallets and items.
• Durable and protective, this wrap will ensure your items are kept safe.
• Fast delivery, so you can wrap and protect your items quickly and efficiently.

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Black machine pallet wrap

Using these six rolls of black stretch film wrap is a simple process. Simply choose the piece of furniture you would like to protect and grasp the roll by the two cardboard handles on either end. Starting at the top of the piece of furniture, roll the black wrap around it. Ensure you have covered the whole piece fully in a layer of black wrap.

By covering your furniture in this layer of black stretch film wrap, you will stop any scratches from harming it. The plastic acts as a barrier between the furniture and its environment.

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