Pack of 5 Vacuum Pack Bags 100cm x 80cm


• Pack of 5 Vacuum pack bags 100cm x 80cm
• Waterproof
• Securely sealed
• Perfect for storage and easy to use
• Quick delivery


Vacuum Pack Bags

Product Specifications: Length – 100 cm Width – 80 cm (100 cm x 80 cm)

Description: This product contains 5 vacuum pack bags. Vacuum pack bags are highly durable, tough, waterproof, and easy to use alternatives to boxes. They are large plastic bags with a round sealable nozzle on the top. The purpose of the vacuum bag is to reduce the mass of the item being stored in the bag therefore creating more space. This product is transparent so that items can be easily viewed inside the bag.

Vacuum pack bags can be used while moving house, for long term storage, for travel, and for storage within a house. They reduce the mass of large items creating more space during the moving house process. This allows you to pack items more neatly and stackable in your transport vehicle. They also allow for more space in your luggage for that extra shopping on holidays. Also, vacuum bags protect your items from dust, dirt, and damp while taking up minimal space in storage. Vacuum pack bags are particularly helpful when packing or storing bed linen, towels, duvets, large coats, and clothes.

The product is user friendly and re-useable. The vacuum bag can be used either manually or automatically. To use the product manually, you must roll out the air after placing your items in the pack. To use the product automatically, you must attach a vacuum cleaner and let it suck out all the air in the bag. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner inside of rolling as this process is more effective as more air is removed and the item becomes more tightly packed. The bag can be used over and over again.

Check out our video below on how to use a vacuum pack bag.


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Number of Vacuum pack bags

5 bags, 10 bags, 20 bags, 50 bags, 100 bags


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