3 Seater Plastic Sofa Covers

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• 3 seater plastic sofa covers
• Protective sofa covers to protect your furniture
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Product Specifications: 3-seater plastic sofa covers

Width: 1372mm (54″) in width
Length: 2743mm (108″) in length
Depth: 1372mm (54″) in-depth

1.Our 3-seater plastic sofa covers?
Our 3-seater plastic sofa cover is a very useful piece of moving equipment, many people would often forget about. Our sofa covers are designed to help you when moving house, office or when moving into a storage facility.

Your furniture is essential to making your house a home. Because of this, we believe it is important to take care of your belongings. That is why we believe a 3-seater cover is very important to use when moving. It will ensure your sofa is kept in its current condition.

2.What are they used for?
Our 3-seater sofa cover is designed to keep your 3-seater couch safe when on the move or when painting or redecorating your home. It is essentially a plastic cover that will protect your sofa from dust, dampness, insects, paint, etc.

When moving, it is very easy for your furniture to accidentally encounter these unwanted variables. This 3-seater couch cover will allow the sofa to remain unharmed.

3. What size is it?
All our covers are dispatched from our warehouse and sent to our clients folded up and sealed in a grey plastic bag. We do this to ensure that they are not damaged when on their way to our clients. The bag allows dust and dirt to be kept off your 3-seater cover itself.

Our 3-seater plastic couch cover is large enough to cover all standard sized 3-seater sofas. This means the cover can be used on a wide range of different 3-seaters. It will fit many different types of 3-seaters, meaning you do not have to worry about getting multiple different sized covers.

Our 3-seater sofa covers are 1372mm (54″) in width by 2743mm (108″) in length by 1372mm (54″) in depth. It is made from a 200-gauge trade quality polythene plastic and as a result, is very tough and resilient.

4.How do I use my 3-seater sofa cover?
To use your 3-seater plastic sofa cover, simply slip the plastic cover over your couch. Make sure the sofa is completely covered in the 200-gauge polythene plastic and no side of it is exposed to the outside.

Turn your 3-seater cover over and using either brown vinyl or fragile tape, seal the plastic covering around the 3-seater couch. To avoid the coverslipping down, use lots of tape to ensure the couch is sealed within. Turn your couch back into its natural position, on its feet, and you now know your sofa is not going to be in harm’s way.

To get the most efficient use out of your tape and to make using your 3-seater sofa cover a faster, stress-free process, consider using a tape dispenser. This will mean there is no need for you to have any scissors or sharp knives around. This is important in any home but most especially if there are young children around. You can then reuse your tape dispenser for other purposes, such as sealing cardboard boxes.

6.Environmental Concerns
Here at Movers and Makers, we care about our world and so we have ensured that all of our products, including our 3-seater sofa cover, are 100% recyclable.

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