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Single wall moving boxes

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These are single-walled e-commerce boxes that measure, 270mm long, 270mm high and 270mm deep. Single wall moving boxes are perfect for anyone that has an online business.

Our 25 new single-walled boxes are cardboard boxes that are an essential piece of equipment for anyone selling products online or for anyone who is moving house and has some smaller items they wish to separate. These cardboard boxes are excellent for any small items such as books, ornaments and small products. Single wall moving boxes available now.

These boxes are made from strong single-walled cardboard. They are not as strong as a double-walled box but are also far lighter.

Our 25 new single-walled boxes are 270mm in length, 270mm in height and 270mm in depth and so are perfect for anyone with an online business that sells smaller items. These boxes are white in colour and so are easily recognizable and stand out to a buyer. They can be stacked with great ease and can be transported effectively and for minimal cost. These boxes come in a pack of 25.

Assembling these boxes is simple and does not take long. Simply fold down the four flaps on one side of the box and, using some vinyl tape on a tape gun, seal the bottom gap. Apply more tape for extra strength and support on the bottom of the box. Once you have placed all your items into the box, repeat the process by folding down the four flaps and seal with tape. You can easily apply a label for a courier company or your business name and details to the outside of the box.

These boxes are easy to use and very quick to assemble. They will make your online selling experience easier, less stressful and more efficient. Your products can be transported safely and securely when in these boxes.

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