Office Removals Ireland

office removals ireland

 Our business is to keep your business moving

Office removals can be a stressful and chaotic process. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. After all business interruption means lost revenue and unhappy customers who may take their business elsewhere.

Priority number one is getting back to business as soon as possible. Good thing our business is moving your business. Movers and Makers are ready to meet whatever your moving needs may be, even if that means sending crews out in the middle of the night.

That’s what coffee is for, right? We guarantee that we can minimise the hassle and interruption to your business during the office removal process.  

Great service would recommend it to anyone. Was fast and efficient exactly what was needed.

R Davey

Organisation is Key for Business Relocation

Before the move, Movers and Makers can request a floor plan of your new business relocation, if applicable. 

With your help, we assign numeric values to different designated areas of your new facility.

That floor plan becomes a basic guide for your move. We designate each item to be moved within the existing map. We then map out where each item should be placed on your new floor plan. Talk about handy!  So our service includes planning as well as moving.

We have seen hundreds of office layouts and can help make smart suggestions as to the best flow for your office.

Office Removals Ireland

It is NOT Time to think Outside the Box

Get the right stuff for your stuff: the right boxes and supplies paired with the right packing methods are crucial in the success of your move.

At Movers and Makers we’ve discovered the best items to make your office removals successful.

Correctly packed, our boxes when paired with our moving supplies are specifically designed to keep your items safe during transport.