When moving house, you want to ensure that your items are handled correctly by your mover and that you get the full benefit of your moving vehicle. Here at Movers and Makers, we understand that moving a house or apartment can be an expensive task. You want value for your money. Over the years, we have discovered that our clients’ main area that they seem to lose out on value is inside the removal vehicle. When moving house, you want to get as much of your belongings into the removal vehicle as possible to save you from needing to do loads in your car. When entering a storage facility, you want to ensure you pay for the smallest unit you need to save money. 

That is why we provide vacuum storage bags. When moving the contents of your home, your removal company will stack your boxes as high as they can. They do this to use the full height of the truck. When you put your clothes into vacuum storage bags, your mover can stack them very close to the roof of the vehicle, allowing you to get full use of it. 

Our vacuum storage bags are constructed from very durable plastic. They are transparent, allowing you to see what clothes you have placed into the bag. This makes it easier to unpack when you arrive at your new location as you can identify where everything is. These vacuum storage bags are 100cm in length and 80cm in width. 

Using these vacuum storage bags is a simple process. Firstly, unfold the bag when it is delivered to you. Open the bag and place your clothes inside. Close the bag with your clothes now inside. Using your vacuum cleaner, connect the nozzle to the opening circle on the bag. Using the vacuum cleaner, suck all the air from the vacuum storage bags. Reseal the circular cap onto the bag. Your vacuum storage bags can now be stacked freely.