The Ultimate Home moving Kit (New double-walled boxes)

The Ultimate Moving Box Kit is ideal for large moves such as office moves, large homes etc.

30 600mm Length x 340mm Width x 350mm Height double-walled boxes
25 360mm Length  x 360mm Width x 340mm Height double-walled boxes
30 meters of 500mm bubble wrap
3 rolls of brown packing tape
1 roll of fragile tape
1 tape dispenser
2 single mattress covers 250 gauge
2 double/king mattress covers 250 gauge
1 3 seater sofa bag 150 gauge
1 2 seater sofa bag 150gauge


please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


1.Our Ultimate Moving Box Kit?

Our ultimate moving box kit is the biggest of all our kits. It the perfect solution to moving house, apartment, office or for moving into a storage unit.
This home moving kit is a collection of moving equipment. Our team has designed this kit to cater for the needs of a larger move such as a large house or office. We have carefully selected the contents of this kit to ensure every possible need in the move is covered.
The kit contains a wide array of moving materials including boxes, bubble wrap and a choice of furniture covers.
This kit will make preparing for your move easier as you will have all the materials needed in one easy package. Using these 2 sizes of boxes will make your move easier as you can now arrange the boxes more efficiently.

2.What is our Ultimate Moving Box Kit used for?

Our ultimate home moving kit is designed for a larger move.
The contents of the kit include; 30large boxes, 25 small boxes, 30 metres of bubble wrap, 4 rolls of packing tape, 1 tape dispenser, 1 vacuum pack bag and 2 permanent markers.
The kit also provides a wide range of covers including 2 single mattress covers, 2 double/king mattress covers, 1 three-seater sofa bag and 1 two-seater sofa bag.
Our covers are excellent for covering your furniture and ensuring no harm comes their way.


Your ultimate home moving kit arrives at you flat packed and wrapped in pallet wrap. You will receive your product 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday) after you order it. We wrap the product to ensure it does not get damaged when on its way to you. We hold our products to a high standard as we believe you deserve the best quality possible.
Our large boxes are a dark brown colour and our smaller boxes are a lighter shade of brown.
Our large boxes are 600mm in length, 340mm in width and 350mm in height. As a result, they have the potential to hold a good proportion of your possessions within.
Our Medium boxes are 355mm in length, 360mm in width and 340mm in height. Small boxes are just as important as their larger counterparts as they are more efficient for holding more weight than larger boxes.

4.How do I assemble my Ultimate Kit?

Constructing your ultimate home moving kit is a painless process. Gather your boxes and fold them out. Turn down the flaps on the box. Using your tape dispenser and vinyl tape simply cover the flaps to ensure the box holds together. The tape dispenser is an excellent piece of equipment that ensures your safety. Using a dispenser means you now do not need to have sharp knives and scissors around. It also means you do not need to damage your teeth trying to rip the tape. Our plastic covers arrive at you individually bagged and labelled to avoid any confusion. In order to use the covers simply open them out, place them over your furniture and seal them with a layer of tape. The covers are essential for ensuring the safety of your furniture.

5.Additional Information

Our large boxes are once used. This means someone else has previously owned the box. We care about our environment and we believe that by giving these boxes a new lease of life, we can help the earth. By reusing these boxes we are reducing the amount of waste produced. Our boxes have been Q.C. passed by our team to ensure you are receiving a product that meets our strict quality guidelines. Another very useful piece of equipment to consider that isn’t included in this ultimate home moving kit is our wardrobe boxes. Using wardrobe boxes can free up space in your large boxes allowing you to get the most efficient use out of your boxes.