30 x  Cardboard Boxes

Product specifications:

  • 12in long by 12in wide by 12in high
  • New single-walled cardboard
  • Pack of 30 small cardboard box
  • Q.C passed


1. Our cardboard boxes?

Our small-medium box is a single-walled cardboard box. It is made from single-walled corrugated cardboard. This box is an essential piece of moving equipment. A small-medium box is excellent for holding your smaller and lighter possessions.

2.What can I use it for?

Being a single-walled box, it is significantly weaker than our double-walled boxes. As a result, the box is far lighter and can be placed up higher in your transport vehicle or storage unit. When moving house you should try and use your small boxes for your heavier items and place lighter items into your larger boxes. This will make the boxes far easier to move as all the weight will be concentrated into a smaller box which is an easier lift than a large box.


Our small-medium boxes are 12 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 12 inches in height. They are squared and can be stacked with great ease. Our boxes are a light brown colour and so can be written on in black permanent marker with great visibility, if necessary. We send all our boxes to our customers wrapped in a strong black pallet wrap. When you receive your products, they will be surrounded in this plastic covering. This is to ensure no damage comes to your order while on its way to you. Our small-medium box has two handles on opposite sides to make it easier to carry.

4.How do I assemble my boxes

When your small-medium box is delivered to you, you will need to remove the black plastic covering. Once you take your box out, fold down the bottom panels of the box. Next, you will need some tape. We would recommend some brown packing tape, fragile or moving house organizing tape, used with a tape dispenser to have the most comfort. This will be used to seal the box and ensure everything stays within.

Once you are happy with the strength of the bottom side of your box you can fill the box with your items. To close the box, simply fold down the top 4 panels and seal with tape. The more tape you use on your box, the stronger it will be.  It is important to use plenty of tape.