Our plastic armchair covers are an excellent piece of equipment when moving house, office or apartment or when moving into a storage facility. Our covers are essential to ensure that your armchairs are looked after, cared for and maintained to the highest possible standard.

These covers are tough, durable, reliable, functional and easy to use. These covers are a very useful piece of equipment which many people would forget about or not realise the importance of.
Our covers are dispatched to our clients folded up neatly and are sealed in a plastic bag. This is in order to ensure they are not damaged when on their way to our clients and that they receive the highest possible quality standard achievable.

The plastic armchair covers are plastic coverings designed to sheath your armchairs in a layer of plastic. This product is designed to maintain your armchairs current condition and to ensure no harm comes their way.

Our plastic armchair covers are large enough to cover any standard size armchair. This allows you to use the covers on multiple various styles of armchairs. Being a standard fit takes the stress and worry out of moving as you do not need to buy multiple sizes of covers. It also takes the strain off our customer’s pockets as they do not need to spend extra on larger sizes.

Our plastic armchair covers are made from trade quality polythene plastic. This ensures that our product is of a high-quality standard.

The plastic armchair covers are designed to protect your armchair, something that you use often and would like to maintain the quality of. The cover protects the armchair from dust, dampness, insects, rips and any other unwanted variables when moving.

The cover is also extremely useful when painting or redecorating your home. This is because you can now paint with ease knowing your armchair will not have any paint stains or splatters from brushes or rollers. This can really take the stress out of painting or decorating as your furniture is now safe.

To use our plastic armchair covers, simply slip the plastic over your armchair until the armchair is fully covered in polythene plastic. In order to get the most efficient use out of our plastic armchair covers, use a tape dispenser with either brown vinyl or fragile tape attached and run a layer of tape around the opening of the cover. This is to ensure the armchair is completely covered and to ensure there is no chance of the cover falling down revealing the armchair itself, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

We care about our environment and with our growing concerns, we have ensured that our armchair covers are 100% recyclable. This means you can rest assured that the covers can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way and are not causing any harm to the world we live in.

When moving home a useful tip that can help both you and your mover is to make an inventory list of all furniture’s you have. This way you can see what covers you potentially may need to protect your belongings. It will now be easier once you have an idea of the number of mattress covers, armchair covers, etc you require. It also helps your mover to get a gauge on the number of things to be moved from one location to the next.