Polythene Dining Chair Covers

Are you moving house and need your dining chairs safe during transport? Do you need storage but want to ensure your dining chairs are covered, water sealed, and protected? Our polythene dining chair covers are for you. These covers are plastic in material and fit securely around your dining chairs. This provides a protective layer around the chair ensuring no damage is caused during transport. This products also acts as a waterproof layer over the chair when put in storage and also provides extra insulation reducing the possibility of damp.

When moving house, you want to be sure that every item that belongs to you is protected fully. Here at Movers and Makers, we understand this and so provide a wide range of furniture covers, such as our plastic dining chair cover. This cover is designed to protect your dining chairs from any wet, damp or from scratches.

When moving house or when moving into a storage facility, it is important to ensure the safety of your belongings, especially your furniture. It can be very easy to accidentally cause harm to a piece of furniture without realising it. When walking through tight doorways it can be easy to scratch something. When leaving something in storage it can be easy for dampness to get in. Our plastic dining chair cover is designed to protect your dining chair from issues such as these.

Using our plastic dining chair cover is a hassle-free process. Simply open the cover out of its bag and unfold it. Using the large opening on one side, cover it over your dining chair. Using vinyl tape, simply seal the bottom of the cover if you wish.

Your furniture is important to you and it should be delivered in the same condition as it was when it was collected. Our range of furniture covers including our plastic dining chair cover is designed to help your furniture arrive undamaged.

This cover is made from a 200 gauge polythene plastic and so is very durable. It is designed to fit over any standard dining chairs.