Permanent marker ideal for marking boxes for room allocations.

Here at Movers and Makers, we have been one of Ireland’s leading removal companies for more than
fifteen years. We have seen many different products that can help make our clients moving
experience easier. One of the most useful products is a black permanent marker. It is the simplest
piece of equipment that can be used during a move but can make your move run very efficiently and

When packing your boxes to be moved from your current location to your new location you may
remember what is in each box. Your removal company will not know what is in your boxes or which
room the boxes came from. If you have written on your boxes with a black permanent marker your
movers can get the boxes into the correct places and save you from moving the boxes into the
correct rooms.

The best way to write on your boxes is to write the room in which it should be placed and a brief list
of the main items in the box. This way the removal company can place it in the correct room, and
you can easily see what is in the box.

If you have any box that needs to be handled with some extra care, simply write ‘fragile’ on it to
alert the movers to it. Alternatively, you could use fragile tape or fragile stickers.
Another product that we would recommend using with the black permanent marker is our moving
house organizing tape. This will keep everything written in a neat box and make it easier to identify
the information.