Product Specifications

Product: Moving House Organizing Tape is a room grid tape which is used to seal cardboard boxes while also clearly identifying the room the box belongs in and the contents of the box.

Material: Vinyl based tape

Length: 66 meters per roll of tape

Width: 48 mm

What is Organizing tape?

Moving House Organizing Tape is a grid tape with  16 room options and a contents box. The tape is made from vinyl and is strong and of high stick quality. Organisation and preparation is vital when moving house. This tape allows you to clearly identify the room the box belongs to. This decreases the stress of moving house as the movers do not need to ask the home owner where to put each box. Instead, anyone involved in the move will be able to identify the location of the box based on the mark on the tape. The tape also serves the purpose of sealing your moving box. Some people move house regularly and reuse their cardboard boxes. After the first move the box often has markings which need to be scribbled out before using the box for the next move. With the moving house organizing tape your box can remain clean from markings while still clearly identifying the contents of the box for each move.


Delivery Information

Please allow 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday)