New Strong Medium Cardboard boxes for moving

Product Specifications:

Medium Box, Double Walled, 360mmL x 360mmW x 350mmD.

New double-walled cardboard packing boxes



please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


Our cardboard boxes for moving house are double-walled cardboard boxes which are an essential piece of equipment when moving house or office or when going into storage. These cardboard boxes for moving are perfect for containing your possessions such as books, picture, ornaments, and other various household objects.

Our medium cardboard boxes for moving are 360mmL x 360mmW x 350mmD and so can contain a vast amount of your belongings with ease and secure them to ensure their safety. Our boxes are brown in colour. they are strong and easily transported and can be stacked with great ease.

In order to assemble our cardboard boxes simply fold down the flaps on one side of the box. Seal with vinyl tape using a tape gun.

To ensure the bottom of the box is durable enough use as much tape as necessary depending on the contents and weight of the box. When moving house or apartment simply write a brief summary of the contents of the box and the room in which these contents belong.

These Medium cardboard boxes are easily used and assembled. They make your moving and storage experience easier and more efficient. Your belongings can be transported quicker and safer when moved in boxes.