The Mini Moving Kit Includes: (New boxes)

8 boxes – 600mm length x 340mm wide x 350mm height Double-walled Boxes
3 boxes – 355mm length x 360mm width x 340mm height Double-walled Boxes
1 roll of packing tape


Please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


1.What is our Mini Moving Kit?

Our mini moving kit is a selection of moving materials sold together.  It is our smallest kit. Our kit consists of eight large boxes, three small boxes and one roll of packing tape.
This kit is designed to cater for the needs of an individual on the move. The mini moving kit is an excellent pack to obtain and make use of when moving house or apartment or when moving into a storage unit.


Our large boxes included are once used. This means a previous owner has made use out of the box at an earlier stage. We believe that by reusing these boxes, we are helping our environment by reducing the amount of waste produced. Because the boxes have been used, it allows us to reduce the cost put onto our customers.

Large boxes can be expensive and so we strive to ensure our customers are receiving a fair price for a quality product by using these Q.C passed used boxes.

Our small boxes are new. As they are small boxes they are naturally cheaper and so cause less of a strain on our customer’s pockets.


Our large boxes included in the moving kit are 600mm in length, 340mm in width and 350mm in Height. They are made from double-walled corrugated cardboard. Because of this, the large boxes are extremely resilient, reliable and robust.

Our medium boxes are double-walled. The single-walled cardboard is not as strong as the double-walled cardboard but is still very durable. They can carry considerable weight and can be easily stacked, moved and reused. Our medium boxes are 355mm in length, 360mm in width and 340mm in Height.

Our boxes are all brown in colour. The large boxes are dark brown whereas the small boxes are a lighter shade of brown. As a result, they are easily recognizable when stacked.

3.How do you assemble the boxes?

Assembling the large and small boxes in our moving kit is a simple process that will only take a few minutes in total.

In order to assemble you will need the brown vinyl tape included in the kit. You can use the tape by hand, however, a more efficient, easier and quicker way of using the tape is by using a tape dispenser. Using a dispenser is a safer option as it takes away the risk associated with having sharp knives or scissors around. It also stops you from potentially damaging your teeth.

Fold-down the bottom panels of the boxes. Cover the panels in tape. Depending on the weight of the contents of the box, cover the bottom of the box in more tape to strengthen it. When the box is full, close the top panels and seal in tape as well


4.What is our Mini Moving Kit is used for?

Our mini moving kit has been designed to take the stress out of moving for an individual. It is far easier to have a prescribed amount of boxes rather than trying to order individual boxes.

A tip that can make it easier for you and/or your mover is to place your heavier items into the smaller boxes. As a result, we would recommend packing your lighter items into larger boxes. This is to make it easier to carry the larger boxes. The smaller boxes are naturally easier to carry compared to the larger box.

Another useful tip is to write down the room in which the contents of the box are from and are going into.

You should also consider possibly writing down a brief summary of the contents of the box in permanent marker on the side of the box. This will make it easier and quicker when you reach your new home or when coming out of storage