10 Medium Double Walled Boxes

Product specifications:

  • 360mm long by 360mm wide by 350mm high
  • New double-walled cardboard
  • Pack of 10 large boxes
  • Q.C passed


  • Allow 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday)


Moving boxes are essential for moving house, office and for storage.  Our moving boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and are double-walled. This means our new boxes are strong, durable, and reliable. The boxes are designed with strength allowing you to stack the 10 new medium boxes one on top of the other with comfort.

Why is stacking important for moving and storage? Stacking saves you money. Stacking allows you to utilize the maximum height of your transport vehicle on your moving day which allows you to pack more moving boxes meaning you have fewer loads to carry out. It also allows you to use the maximum height of your storage unit in your chosen facility which means may be able to rent a smaller cheaper unit.

Delivered flat packed, the moving boxes are easy to store when not in use and easily constructed when you need them. The 10 new medium boxes must be assembled using brown packing tape or fragile tape. The tape must be placed on the bottom of the box before filling the box. Once the box is filled the top must be taped to ensure the items are secured within the box.

Over the years we have gained significant experience in the moving and storage industry. As a result, we have strong knowledge of customer needs. The pack of 10 new medium boxes is ideal for small moves such as apartment moves, Erasmus students looking for storage, or a small office move of documents or paperwork.

Alternatively, these medium boxes are also sold separately if you would rather choose a specific quantity to suit the size of your move or storage requirements. Measuring at 360 x 360 x 350mm, they are also ideal for shipping and general house storage for when you are looking to declutter and store items in your attic or shed.

Tip: At Movers and Makers we recommend placing light items in large boxes and heavy items in small or medium boxes. This ensures good manual handling practices. The medium box is a good choice as you can use it for both heavy and light items whereas a large box can only be fully filled with light items.