3ft Plastic Mattress Cover

Single 3ft Mattress cover

Width: 109.2cm (43″) – extends to 129.5cm (51″) with gusset
Depth: 30cm (12″)
Length: 248.9cm (98″)

When moving house or apartment, it is very important to ensure the safety of your belongings. When moving, it is very easy for your items to get scratched or for them to become wet from the rain. Because of this, we have decided to provide furniture and mattress covers, such as our single mattress cover.

This cover is designed to help protect your single mattress from harm when being moved from one location to another. It is also an essential piece of equipment to use when storing your belongings at a storage facility as it will stop wetness and dampness from ruining your mattress.

Using our plastic single mattress cover is a simple process and does not take much time. Simply open up the cover from its packaging and unfold it. Cover your mattress in a layer of plastic. Using tape on a tape dispenser, seal the open end of the cover to ensure no part of the mattress is exposed. Your mattress can now be transported or stored safely and you do not need to worry about its safety.

Our plastic single mattress cover is made from a 200 gauge polythene plastic. It is very strong and lightweight, and as a result, is very easy to use.

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about the world we live in. Because of this, we have ensured that our plastic single mattress cover is 100% recyclable.