Once used Large Cardboard Boxes


Once used large cardboard boxes

Product Specifications:

(Length – 600mm Width – 400 mm   Depth – 290 mm )


These large cardboard boxes are ideal for moving house, office, and for storing items. The moving boxes are double-wall making them very strong, durable, and reliable.  This allows you to place one box on top of another with comfort. Double-wall boxes also allows the large cardboard boxes to be stacked higher utilizing the maximum height of your transport vehicle or storage facility. Double-wall boxes ensures the bottom of the box does not collapse while being carried.

The large cardboard box arrives flat packed. The box must be assembled using brown packing tape. The tape must be placed on the bottom of the cardboard box before filling the box. Once the moving box is filled the top must be taped to ensure the items are secured within the box.

We acknowledge the importance of saving our environment. As a result, this product is once used. There may be some brown tape on the box, but the cardboard box is of good quality.  Once used cardboard boxes are considerably cheaper than new boxes, however, they provide the same function.

This item is sold as a single large cardboard box. This allows you to choose a specific quantity to suit the size of your move or storage requirements. Alternatively, you can look at our pre-made moving box kits which cater for both small and large house moves.

Tip: We recommend placing light items in large cardboard boxes and heavy items in small cardboard boxes. This makes the moving process more manageable and ensures good manual handling practices. It also allows you to move the box easily within your new home after the moving porters have left.