The Jumbo Moving Box Kit Includes:(New cardboard boxes)

  • 25 boxes 600mm Length x 340mm Width x 350mm Height Double-walled
  • 20 boxes 350mm Length x 360mm Width x 340mm Height Double-walled
  • 20 meters of bubble wrap
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 Fragile tape
  • 1 tape dispenser
  • 1 permanent marker


please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)

1.Our Jumbo Box Kit?

Our jumbo box kit is a carefully calculated collection of packing materials. This box kit has been specifically thought out to take the sting out of your moving experience. We strive to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

This box kit contains the essentials for moving house, apartment, office or when going into a storage facility. We have designed the kit to ensure you have all the right tools to move your belongings.

Our kit contains 25 large boxes, 20 small boxes, 20 metres of bubble wrap, 3 rolls of tape, a tape dispenser and a permanent marker. With this specially crafted collection of equipment, you will be able to tackle the mind-numbing process that is moving with ease.

Our boxes are constructed from double-walled corrugated cardboard and so are extremely resilient and can be reused.

2.What is our Jumbo Box Kit used for?

Our Jumbo box kit is designed to cater for the needs of 3-4 people. It is the second largest in our range of carefully arranged kits. This box kit is perfect for anyone moving home who wants to have a stress free move.

When moving home or into storage, it is a fantastic idea to use 1 or 2 sizes of boxes only. This will make it far easier on you and your mover. It will make the boxes far more stackable. This can save on your pocket as you can now utilize the full height of your transport vehicle or storage unit.

It is far less daunting to look at all the same sized boxes as opposed to a vast array of sizes. When moving, it is very important to use boxes that can be stacked because it will also be a far faster move, as the boxes can be handled more efficiently.

Our bubble wrap is one of those products many people forget about which can cause a huge impact on the efficiency of your move. It will ensure that extra bit of safety is given to your valuables.
Our packing tape should be used to assemble both the small and large boxes.

Our permanent marker is possibly the most underrated piece of moving equipment. The permanent marker is designed to write on the boxes. It can make your move far easier on everyone involved as your boxes can be put in the right places just by writing on the side of the box.


Our jumbo moving box kit arrives at your door 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday) after you order it and comes flat packed. We wrap the kit in a tough layer of pallet wrap. We wrap all our packages to ensure our customers receive the best quality product we can provide. The pallet wrap makes sure no harm comes to your product. It protects it from the elements so it can arrive at you in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

Our boxes are all brown in colour. Our large moving boxes are once used and as a result, may have some minimal printing on the sides. Our packing tape is a brown colour also.

Our large boxes are 600mm in length, 340mm in width and 350mm in height. They are a considerably large box and have the potential to store a vast amount of your personal belongings.
Our Medium boxes are 355mm in length, 360mm in width and 340mm in height. These boxes are smaller than our large boxes. However, they are essential for holding your individual smaller items and ensuring their safety. Recommended for heavy items

Our bubble wrap comes in 2 lengths of 10 metres, so in total, you will receive 20 metres In length.
We provide 3 rolls of tape in this box kit along with a tape dispenser, to ensure you have more than enough to cover your boxes.

4.How do I assemble my Jumbo Kit?

In order to assemble your flat-packed jumbo box kit, you will need your provided tape dispenser and tape. Fold-down the panels on the underside of the boxes and seal them with tape. Do not be afraid to use plenty of packing tape.

The safety of your belongings is our main priority. Once your box is full, you can now fold down the top panels and seal them with tape. It is very important to ensure your box is not over full. A box that is not sealed properly cannot be stacked and so will be wasting space in your vehicle or storage unit.

5.Additional information

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about the world we all live in. With growing concerns about our environment, we have decided to provide our box kits with once used large cardboard boxes. By using these boxes we can reduce the amount of waste on our planet. These boxes have been Q.C passed by our team in order to ensure you are receiving a product we consider to be of worthy quality.

Our recycled boxes used just once before have been used to deliver dry goods to factories (ie packaging materials, bottle caps etc). They therefore may have been pre-taped and have some printed text on them.