Cardboard wardrobe boxes x5

Product Specifications:

Height – 40 inches Width – 20 inches Depth – 18 inches (40 in x 20 in x 18 in) The steel rail is 20 inches.


Description: Cardboard Wardrobe boxes are tall cardboard boxes similar in shape to a small wardrobe. The structure is made from double wall cardboard. As a result, they are strong, durable, reliable, and reusable. The strong cardboard ensures the wardrobe box stands securely and does not buckle. The cardboard wardrobe box opens and closes with a cardboard door. This product is brand new and of high quality.

Cardboard wardrobe boxes  are ideal for moving house, office, and for storage. You can take your hung clothes directly from your current storage and place them on the rail in the wardrobe box. This saves time while packing.

The clothes can remain in the wardrobe box in your new location until you are ready to unpack the box. This allows easy access to your clothes.

Clothes hung in these wardrobe boxes are less likely to crease therefore, this product is  very suitable for clothes in storage.

Clients who move clothes regularly particularly benefit from this product. These include theatre groups, clothes shops, and film design crews. The product arrives flat packed and must be assembled. The bottom and top of the box must be taped together using brown packing tape. Once the structure is secured, the rail can be slotted into place. Do not hang your clothes in the wardrobe box unless the bottom of the box is intact.

These boxes are reusable and therefore can be used multiple times. To save space after use, the wardrobe box can be disassembled. When needed again, reassemble the box.

Tip: Check out our video below for some tips for transporting dresses and shirts with a wardrobe box.