Large cardboard packing boxes

Product specifications:

  • 600mm long by 350mm wide by 340mm high
  • New double-walled cardboard
  • Pack of 1 large box
  • Q.C passed


  • Allow 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday)



1.Our cardboard packing boxes

When you buy cardboard packing boxes from us you are purchasing a new large cardboard box.

This cardboard box is double-walled and is made from corrugated cardboard.

Being double-walled, it is far superior in strength to any single-walled box. This means that when you buy cardboard packing boxes from us, you are receiving an extremely durable, reliable and resilient product.

These cardboard packing boxes are a must-have for anyone moving into storage or moving house, apartment or office.
These boxes are extremely strong but are also exceptionally light. They can be stacked high and can be moved around with great ease.


2. Dimensions

These boxes are a light brown colour and are easily recognisable.

When you receive these boxes they will be wrapped in a coating of pallet wrap. We wrap all of our products before dispatching them to our customers. This is to ensure the safety of the product. If the cardboard box is sent to our customers unwrapped it can easily be damaged. We want to ensure our product is of the same high quality standard when you receive it, as it was when we sent it to you.

These large boxes are 600mm in length by 350mm in width by 340mm in height. These packing boxes have the potential to hold a good quantity of your belongings.


3.How do I assemble the product when I get it delivered?

Assembling these cardboard packing boxes is an effortless operation.

All of our cardboard packing boxes arrive flat packed. Simply unfold your box until it is in the correct shape. Fold-down the four panels on the underside of the box. Once folded in place, you will need to acquire some tape.

Using your tape, cover the panels until they are secured. If you want to ensure your box is strong, use plenty of tape. The more weight you expect to be in the box, the more tape you should use. The tape will strengthen the bottom of the box to make sure the contents are secured.

To get the most efficient use out of your tape, consider using a tape dispenser. A tape dispenser will make taping your boxes far easier and quicker. It will also mean you no longer need to use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the tape. It also stops you from using your teeth to rip the tape, avoiding any possible damage to them.

Once you have filled your box with your belongings, fold down the top four panels. Using your brown or fragile tape, seal the top of the box.

If the contents of your box are delicate or you would just like them to be handled with some extra care, consider using fragile tape to seal your boxes or try using fragile stickers. This will alert whoever it is will be moving your box to the nature of the contents of your box. We care about your valuables and suggest taking as much precautions as you can to ensure their safety.


4.Additional information

Here at Movers and Makers, we care about quality,  because of this, we ensure that all of our boxes are Q.C passed. This means we can ensure that all of our customers are receiving products of a high quality standard. We strive to provide you with products that we deem to be of an excellent quality standard.

One tip we would suggest is to place your lighter items in the larger cardboard packing boxes and heavier items into your smaller boxes. This will make the boxes far easier to stack and carry.