Bubble Wrap

€8.00 for 500mm wide by 10 meters (30ft) long


When moving house, office or apartment or when moving into storage, it is important to ensure the safety of your fragile and delicate belongings. Here at Movers and Makers, we believe that taking the necessary precautions to keep your possessions safe should be the main priority when moving.

It is very easy for your delicate items to break when in transit. If you just box up your items and do not protect them with some sort of bubble wrap, you are risking their safety and facilitating the possibility of something breaking.

We believe that our 10-metre roll of bubble wrap is the best solution available to keep your fragile items, such as plates, glasses and cups safe.

In order to use this roll of bubble wrap efficiently, focus on your most delicate items and wrap them first. Simply unroll some of the bubble wrap and cut it off the roll. Wrap it around your glass or cup or whatever delicate items you have. You can now place the wrapped items into a box and not have to worry about their safety.

The bubbles act as a shock absorber. When in a truck, your items can move very slightly but without taking the correct precautions that little movement can cause something to break. The little air bubbles will take the force of the movement leaving your items unharmed.