The Budget Box Kit Includes: (New boxes)

    • 10 boxes 600mm Length x 340mm width x 350mm height Double-walled Boxes
    • 7  boxes   355mm Length x 360mm Width x 340mm Height Double-wall Boxes
    • 10 meters of 500mm Bubble wrap
    • 2 rolls of packing tape
    • 1 permanent marker


please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


1. Our Budget Moving Box Kit?

Our Budget moving box kit consists of materials that will make your moving experience enjoyable, faster, and stress-free. Our budget kit is the second smallest out of all our kits.

The kit is designed to give you a selection of both our large and small boxes. As a result, you can pack your possessions far more efficiently and can organise them far easier. Our kit contains ten large boxes and seven small boxes.

This moving box kit also contains two rolls of brown vinyl tape, a black permanent marker, and a ten-meter roll of bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is an essential piece of equipment many people often forget about. The bubble wrap provides a huge amount of comfort throughout your move as it ensures your belongings are transported with that extra bit of care.


Our budget moving box kit contains ten large once used boxes. These boxes have been previously owned and used but have been Q.C passed by our team. We believe it is more efficient for our customers as the boxes can be provided at a cheaper rate.

Our large boxes are 600mm in length, 340mm in width, and 350mm in Height. Our large boxes are extremely spacious and can fit a huge array of your possessions.

Our Medium boxes are 355mm in length, 360mm in width, and 340mm in Height. These boxes are clearly far smaller than our larger boxes. However, they are an essential element of equipment for moving smaller individual items as it makes it faster to transport them.

The bubble wrap supplied with the kit is ten metres in length when rolled out.

Our large boxes are a dark brown colour. The small boxes are a lighter shade of brown.

The kit arrives at you flat packed and wrapped in a black pallet wrap. This is to ensure that when you receive your product, it is of the same high-quality standard as when we assemble it in our warehouse.

3.How do you assemble our Budget moving Box Kit?

Assembling your budget moving box kit is a very uncomplicated process. It will not take up much of your time.

When you open up your kit, open up each flat-packed box. Turn down the panels on the bottom of each of your boxes.

Cover the panels in a layer of brown tape provided with the moving box kit. You can use the tape to seal the bottom of the box.

In order to increase the strength of the bottom of the box, simply apply more tape. The more tape you apply, the stronger the bottom of the box will be.

If you are concerned about the contents of your box not being handled correctly, you can alternatively use fragile tape to seal your box or place fragile stickers on the outside of it. To use your tape in the safest way possible, consider getting a tape dispenser.

The tape dispenser will ensure you do not need to have a sharp knife or scissors lying about which could possibly cause harm or damage.

4.What is our Budget Moving Box Kit used for?

The budget moving box kit is designed to make moving more efficient for one to two people.

The larger boxes should be used to contain your lighter items such as towels, folded clothes, etc. This is to make them easier to transport and stack for when you move or enter storage. The smaller boxes should be used for your heavier belongings. This is in order to allow the move to run smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

The bubble wrap is excellent for adding that little bit of extra care to your valuables.

Consider writing what is in each box on the side of the box itself with the permanent marker provided.