Product Specifications: This product includes 50 metres of bubble wrap. The width of the bubble plastic is 500 mm. (500 mm x 150 ft or 50 m)

Description: Bubble wrap is a soft plastic packing material. It contains numerous small air cushions designed to protect fragile goods. This product is an essential packing material as it provides support and does not scratch items. Unlike newspaper, bubble wrap does not discolour your items. It ensures the condition of your item remains undamaged and gives peace of mind to clients when transporting personal belongings, sentimental goods, and fragile items.

There are multiple uses of bubble plastic. These include using bubble wrap to protect small items like glasses and porcelain china, but also large items such as picture frames, vases and paintings. Another use of bubble wrap is as a space filler. Some packed boxes may have space causing items to move. The plastic wrap can be stuffed into these spaces, therefore, securing the items in the box by filling the void. Items tightly secured in boxes is essential for goods in transit. This product also keeps items clean when put into storage. Unwrapped items may gather dust and result in damage.

This product arrives in a role of 50 metres. You can separate the role into smaller sizes by tearing, however, it is advised to use a safety blade, Stanley knife or scissors. This will result in a tidier finish and ensures health and safety. Proper separating of the roll will also result in more efficient usage of the product as no offcuts are leftover.

Tip: Bubble wrap is particularly effective when wrapping picture frames as it protects and the glass and reduces the need for large flat cardboard boxes which are hard to source. It also allows you to wrap multiple picture frames in the same package.