The Bargain Moving house Kit Includes: (New boxes)

  • 14 boxes 600mm Length x 340mm Width x 350mm Height Double-walled
  • 12 boxes 355mm Length x 360mm Width  x 340mm Height Double-walled
  • 10 meters of bubble wrap
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 Permanent Black Marker


please allow 2-3 working days (Monday to Friday)


1.Our Bargain moving house kit

Our bargain moving house kit is a carefully selected collection of moving materials, wrapped into one parcel designed to make moving as simple as possible for our clients.

This is our third largest moving house kit. It is designed to cater for two to three people looking to move house or apartment or looking to store their valuables in a storage unit.

This moving house kit is composed of fourteen large boxes, twelve small boxes, ten metres of bubble wrap, two rolls of brown vinyl tape, and a black permanent marker.
This kit is a must for anyone looking for a stress-free move.


Our bargain moving house kit consists of large and medium new cardboard boxes. These boxes are double-walled which are ideal for moving house.

They have been Q.C passed in order to assure our clients that they are receiving a product that meets our strict quality guidelines. Our large boxes are 600mm in length, 340mm in width, and 350mm in height. They are strong, durable, and can be reused multiple times.

Our medium boxes are Double-walled and new.  These medium boxes are 355mm in length, 360mm in width, and 340mm in height.

Our boxes are brown in colour. Our large boxes are dark brown whilst our smaller boxes are a lighter shade of brown. They can be easily written on with perfect visibility.
Our bubble wrap is rolled into a ten-metre length. It is very important to use as much bubble wrap as you can. This is in order to have peace of mind that your valuables are in the safest position possible. You can never be too careful when it comes to your own belongings.

3.How do I assemble my Bargain moving house kit?

Assembling your bargain moving house kit is a very manageable task. It won’t take you long. When you receive your kit it will be wrapped in a black pallet wrap.

We dispatch the boxes flat packed and wrapped to ensure that your product meets the correct quality standards you deserve. We try to ensure that your product does not encounter any damage while on its way to you.

In order to assemble the kit, open out all the boxes included. You will need to use tape on the underside of the boxes. In order to ensure the safety of your belongings, fold down the panels on the bottom side of the box and seal with the tape provided. If you want to ensure your goods are handled with extreme caution, consider placing a fragile sticker on the box. This will alert whoever moves the box to exercise caution when moving it.

Once you have filled your boxes, seal the top panels down with tape. This will ensure nothing falls out of any box and so nothing will be lost in transit.

4.What is the Bargain moving house kit is used for?

The bargain moving house kit is used to take the sting out of moving. It will make the whole experience easier and far less stressful. It will also take less of a strain on your pocket when you buy boxes in bulk as opposed to buying individual boxes.
The bubble wrap supplied with the kit is an essential piece of equipment many people would not think to use.
The kit is perfect for moving two to three people.