15 x New Medium Double-Walled Packing Boxes

Product specifications:

  • 360mm long by 360mm wide by 350mm high
  • New double-walled cardboard
  • Pack of 15 medium boxes
  • Q.C passed


  • Allow 2-3 working days (Monday-Friday)


New medium doubled walled cardboard packing boxes are an essential piece of equipment for anyone moving house, apartment, office or when looking to store personal possessions or valuables. These new double-walled boxes are extremely durable and light. Double-walled boxes are strong and reliable and are designed to withstand greater force than single walled boxes.

These packing boxes are light brown in colour and are a useful size as they are easy to stack and can be arranged with great comfort.

The double-walled cardboard can be written on using a black permanent marker or alternatively moving house labels could be placed on the top or side of the packing box to ensure items are kept organised in relation to the specific room they are from when moving house or when using a storage facility.


These packing boxes are designed to be assembled with brown tape or fragile tape using a packing tape dispenser. Using the tape, secure the bottom panels of the box together. Now you can place your items inside the box and simply seal the top of the box using brown or fragile tape. When lifting the boxes, to ensure the most manageable, efficient and safest lift, place heavier items into the new medium double-walled cardboard packing boxes and lighter items into the large double-walled cardboard packing boxes.