International relocation can be both exciting and challenging. With numerous factors to consider, such as customs regulations, shipping arrangements, and cultural adjustments, it’s essential to have a reliable partner to help you navigate the complexities of an international move. Movers and Makers, your trusted Dublin removals company, is here to offer expert guidance and support throughout your moving journey. In this blog post, we share valuable tips and resources to help you prepare for your international move.

  1. Research Your Destination

Thorough research is crucial when planning an international move. Familiarise yourself with the local customs, language, and culture of your destination country. Investigate the job market, housing options, and healthcare facilities to ensure a smooth transition. The Citizens Information Board provides a comprehensive guide to moving abroad that can help you get started.

  1. Organise Legal and Financial Matters

Before your move, address any legal and financial matters such as passport renewal, visas, residency permits, vaccinations, and medical records. Inform your bank, insurance providers, and utility companies about your relocation. The Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs offers an informative guide to living abroad to assist you in addressing these important steps.

  1. Hire a Reputable Dublin Removals Company

Partnering with an experienced removals company is essential for a seamless international move. Movers and Makers, your dependable Dublin removals company, specialises in international moves and offers comprehensive services, including packing, transportation, and customs clearance, to ensure a smooth relocation.

  1. Sort and Pack Your Belongings

Before your move, declutter your home and decide which items to bring, sell, or donate. Consider the size of your new home, shipping costs, and item availability in your destination country. Movers and Makers can help you pack your belongings efficiently and securely. If you need temporary storage, our self-storage solutions are available for your convenience.

  1. Familiarise Yourself with Customs Regulations

Each country has its customs regulations, which can impact the importation of your belongings. Be prepared to provide an inventory of your items and any necessary documentation. Movers and Makers can guide you through this process and help you adhere to the specific regulations of your destination country.

  1. Learn the Language

If the primary language in your destination country is not English, learning the local language can significantly enhance your experience. Basic conversational skills will enable you to navigate daily life more easily and foster a sense of belonging in your new community. Enrol in language classes, use language learning apps, or participate in language exchange groups to improve your skills.

  1. Embrace the Culture

Adapting to a new culture can be challenging but also rewarding. Embrace the opportunity to experience new traditions, cuisine, and lifestyles. Engage with your new community by attending local events, joining clubs, and building relationships with neighbours. This will help you feel more at home and enrich your life abroad.


An international move is a thrilling endeavour that requires careful planning and preparation. By following these tips and relying on the expertise of Movers and Makers, your trusted Dublin removals company, you can ensure a successful transition to your new home abroad. From house removals to self-storage solutions, Movers and Makers is dedicated to providing exceptional service tailored to your specific needs.

By conducting thorough research, addressing legal and financial matters, learning the language, embracing the culture, and partnering with an experienced removals company like Movers and Makers, you can create a fulfilling life in your new country.

As you embark on this exciting chapter, trust Movers and Makers to handle your international relocation professionally and efficiently. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure your move abroad is a positive experience. To get started, contact us today for a quote or to discuss your specific moving needs. With Movers and Makers by your side, you can confidently embrace the adventure of moving to a new country and enjoy the countless opportunities it presents.

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